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When you do not take a stand for what is right for your kids, when you give a blind eye to the wrongs that happen with them, when you do not confront the monsters your kids are afraid of when their silent cries do not move you, remember you have turned into a Teddy! A teddy who is as passive as you are, a teddy who is with your child for the longest period of the day yet knows nothing about them, a teddy who is as non-reactive as you have become!

CACTUS FOUNDATION launches the Teddy Campaign to signify how we as Adults, by keeping silence, have been putting the responsibility of safeguarding themselves from “Child Sexual Abuse” on the kids. It is time we bring back the onus of protecting our kids on ourselves so that we break the silence. This Teddy will be a reminder that our silence is destroying the lives of our Children.

Don’t be a Teddy. Speak Up!



It took me 25 years, 1 major accident, 6 surgeries and 2 years of bed ridden life to realize the impact that I had of my brief encounter of being sexually abused as a kid. I was 7 then. Today when I have a 7-year old daughter, when I see so many kids around and when I see the statistics of 53% of kids are sexually abused in India which is 1 in 2 kids, I feel all the more accountable to make these kids aware of such perpetrators in society. Every child and Every parent must be made aware of what is Sexual Abuse and how to protect themselves from such abuse. CACTUS FOUNDATION works and will always work towards creating an emotionally healthy society. To know more about Her

— Nusrat Khan Pahade (Founder Director, CACTUS FOUNDATION)


We Believe in Creating Emotionally Healthy Society. The three main causes that we fight for are STOP CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE, Responsible Parenting and Mental Health Awareness. All these three causes if targeted can result in a society devoid of any mental health challenges. The most important but the most challenging part in our work is to lack of acceptance that people have. We constantly try to break the barriers, myths and taboos associated with this.



More than

Kids Sensitized


We aim to sensitize children, adults, authorities coming from different sections of the societies.


All are modules are Age Sentitive. We believe in providing the right amount of information required for the specific age group


The most challenging part is to book a training session with the schools. Schools either have limited time or the priorities are not in sync.


Once the trainings are booked, our trainers will visit the premise and provide quality awareness trainings to the required stakeholders

Our Initiatives

Not just trainings, we have always been creative in terms of reaching out to people. We organize sessions, street plays, campaigns, training programs, movies, walkathons to reach out to people. These initiatives help us to reach out to people in unorganized sectors. Besides if the same campaign reach out to people in different forms, it would have a lasting impact and audiences are able to relate to what is being imparted.


What People Say About Us

I am watching Cactus team’s work for last 15 yrs and my respect for their work has doubled every time they reach their milestone. We all should pitch in to our maximum capacity to make our little one’s lives stay beautiful. All the best cactus team!! You all are true Hero!!

– Chaitra Padsalgi

Cactus has taken up the initiative which is hitherto untouched & least bothered about by all of us…but by raising the voice of these children they are creating a bright future for not only these children but also for the society as a whole!

– Harish Kale

Playing, laughing, ice creams and smiles are memories everyone should have from their childhood however child abuse has become an epidemic and spreading everywhere. In fact every other child is been sexually abused in India. Cactus foundation is striving to make a change, to bring sexual abuse of children to an end, by educating parents, teaching children in school about safe and unsafe touch etc. Excellent work at ground level. Thank You cactus foundation for breaking this silence and spreading awareness

Yashodhra Shah


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