4-day Inter-Continental Conference to create Safe Childhoods will be held from 06-August, 2020 till 09-August-2020

Do you believe this? Over 200 million children are sexually abused every year. And these statistics are quite alarming and overwhelming. Sexual Violence against children is happening everywhere. This is a sad reality. Regardless of the country’s economic status or its citizen’s quality of life, no one is untouched. It happens among the well to do families as well as with the ones who are less fortunate. Its emotional stress and health consequences are far-reaching almost for a lifetime and it has devastating socioeconomic consequences too. Yet, we rarely discuss this topic.

CACTUS FOUNDATION has been tirelessly pursuing innovating ways and mediums to raise awareness amongst people to create safe childhoods.

The current lockdown has opened free grounds for children to get Sexually exploited in many ways. As a solution, we announce “Beyond Borders 4 day Inter-Continental Conference”¬†from (6th August 2020 to 9th August 2020) to sensitize, equip, empower and inspire Adults around the world. With this power-packed initiative along with our friends across the globe who resonate with our belief we have designed an experience that will truly help you to create safe spaces in real, virtual world and constantly remind you of your personal, psychological, social, legal and moral obligation to protect children from child sexual abuse. Join us and become a superhero without a cape.