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Mental Health Awareness

Every year Oct 2-8 is celebrated as a mental health awareness week to provide community outreach on topic of mental illness and 10 Oct is a day of mental health education to promote mental health and campaign against the prevailing stigma’s related to mental illness in society. But are we really aware and educated enough to understand the importance of mental fitness. Mental and behavioural disorders have a great impact from personal to family and till society level and hence cannot be ignored.

There are many different conditions that can be considered as mental illness such as mood or anxiety disorder, psychotic disorder, impulse control and addiction disorder, personality disorder and sexual disorder etc

As per the researches made almost 50% of adults experience mental illness at some point in their lives. And reason for this could be any ranging from personal to professional, social or psychological. Despite of all the awareness and prevalence only one fifth of the people receives professional or medical help.

In today’s era of globalization and modernization, rat race of never-ending desires, personal responsibilities, professional challenges, peer competition, and unhealthy lifestyles. All these factors are directly or indirectly contributing to an unstable and restless state of mind and gradually ending up with mental disorders like stress, anxiety and panic, depression and sometimes takes the patient into a schizophrenic state.

What makes things worse is the notion linked with this term of mental illness is that it’s a disease of brain. But in actual terms it’s a state of mind due to external or internal disorders that existed in past or present around a human being.

History always witnessed that people with mental health problems have been treated differently, excluded and sometimes even brutalized. This type of stigma is termed as social stigma where society shows a prejudicial attitude and discriminating behaviour towards individuals with mental illness. In contrast to this, there is a category of perceived or self-stigma which is basically and internal and self-destructive feeling of disgrace and hate incurred by sufferer anticipating the discrimination and isolation from society.

Mental Health Awareness Program

Photograph by Rameshwar I

First and foremost, we as society has to realise that mental health is just as important as physical health and Yes mental illness can be treated.  However, as contributing factors of mental illness varies person to person, it can sometimes be difficult to predict how, when, or to what degree someone is going to get better. Treatment to any mental illness is not a straight forward approach rather its and multi-dimensional therapy to be provided under different phases. It can involve psychological therapy, counseling, medication and changes in food habits and life style. Apart from this, supports in the community via campaigning, knowledge sharing, rehabilitations programs and such can prove to be effective in terms of mitigating this curable disease. And lastly, people with the mental illness helping themselves by their strong will power and positive approach towards life and society.

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