Don’t be a TEDDY

When you do not take a stand for what is right for your kids, when you give a blind eye to the wrongs that happen with them, when you do not confront the monsters your kids are afraid of when their silent cries do not move you, remember you have turned into a Teddy!

A teddy who is as passive as you are, a teddy who is with your child for the longest period of the day yet knows nothing about them, a teddy who is as non-reactive as you have become!

CACTUS FOUNDATION launches the Teddy Campaign to signify how we as Adults, by keeping silence, have been putting the responsibility of safeguarding themselves from “Child Sexual Abuse” on the kids.

It is time we bring back the onus of protecting our kids on ourselves so that we break the silence. This Teddy will be a reminder that our silence is destroying the lives of our Children.

This Teddy will remind us to break the silence. So Don’t be Teddy. Speak Up!