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There are as many ways to get involved as there are willing volunteers. Whether you have five minutes, five days, or five months, there’s a path for you to make a difference in the lives of survivors of sexual violence. No matter how you choose to get involved, know that every bit counts.

Get Involved

Don’t know how to get involved in our work? We all have a role to play in the prevention of child sexual abuse. You can be a partner in providing great childhoods for all children, whether by mentoring a child or parent, advocating for family friendly policies, or donating your time or money to child-serving organizations.

By getting involved, you become a part of the CACTUS FOUNDATION movement to end child sexual abuse.


Mentoring can be done in many ways! Learn about the different ways that you can mentor in your community and how you can help prevent child abuse and neglect.

Share Your Story

When the time is right, we invite you to share your story. As a survivor, parent, loved one, or professional, your story can uplift others and encourage someone to continue their prevention efforts.

Open a Chapter

If you really think this cause is important to you, you can go an extra mile to gather like minded people and Start a Chapter in your locality. We will guide you, hand hold you at every step of the process


Individuals Sensitized


“I love to help children's souls shine.”

― Bracha Goetz

“The shared secret and the shared denial are the most horrible aspects of incest.”

― John Bradshaw, Bradshaw on the Family: A New Way of Creating Solid Self-Esteem

“How was it that we were all so blind?”

― Joan Coleman, Attachment, Trauma and Multiplicity: Working with Dissociative Identity Disorder

“Abuse is never deserved, it is an exploitation of innocence and physical disadvantage, which is perceived as an opportunity by the abuser.”

― Lorraine Nilon, Breaking Free From the Chains of Silence: A respectful exploration into the ramifications of Paedophilic abuse

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