Chai Time

Platform to Express.

“I do not want people to judge me, I just want them to listen to me”


Dont Judge and be Judged!

Many a times we want to speak out something that bothers us, that does not allows us to break free from its clutches. We look around but we do not find people who can understand what we go through. We try to put it on social media. We try to express it to the world, but are soon judged. People then follow us just to know what’s going on and then make us the center of every gossip that goes around in the town..

Building Memories

Or you want to get into a serious discussion but you do not find a company that matches your wavelength. You miss the food for thought that stimulates and then satisfies your mental cravings. Everyone of us have opinions on different topics, but they get suppressed over a period of time when you realize that your opinions do not matter to people who matter to you the most. Why some people ignore our opinions, our suggestions, our views or when the avoid healthy debates, you feel like having a vacuum in your life. The vacuum that does not allows you to grow..

Express, Not Impress

At CACTUS FOUNDATION, in our program “Chai Time”, we encourage people to express. For us, opinions are not considered as influencers, but as medium of expression. It is like changing under the open sky, where no one is judging you, where no one is questioning you or your belief system, where you are constantly challenging your own emotions, improving your thought process..

Grow as a Person

It is a platform for everyone to come and speak! Once a week on any given topic. Just come and express yourself, share your stories, your experiences, your learnings with the whole group. But at the end of the session, you leave all your negatives behind, your pre-conceived notions, your assumptions. Every week you grow as a person. World is the limit, so paint your thoughts on this canvass through ‘Chai Time’. Our mission is to give equal opportunity to every individual to express his/her opinion. To express is what matters.

A 45minute discussion followed by a 15 min talk by Nusrat Khan, who is a clinical psychologist. Different Topic every week. This helps in creating healthy society!