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Interview with Heidi Olson

Topic: Peer to Peer Sexual Abuse and how Pornography incites Violence in Young Minds

Key Takeaways from the Interview

● Young perpetrators learn sexually aggressive behaviors via porn, which normalizes different forms of torture and violation of consent.

● Don't make the child responsible for falling prey to a traumatic event such as sexual assault, instead provide them with a safe space so that they can heal and thrive.

● An interdisciplinary approach is important which brings on board various stakeholders of the society- caregivers, medical professionals, mental health professionals, Child Advocacy Centers, hospitals, criminal justice system, etc.

● If you don't report, it repeats. Blocking a perpetrator in the online space does not make your or someone else's child safe .

About Our Guest Heidi Olson

Heidi Olson, RN, MSN, CPN, SANE-P is a Certified Pediatric Nurse and Certified Pediatric Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE), she is also the Founder and President of Paradigm Shift Training and Consulting, which equips healthcare workers with skills to be able to identify and treat victims of trafficking and exploitation. Heidi previously managed the SANE Program at a large children’s hospital where she performed/reviewed over 1,500 pediatric sexual assault exams, many of them trafficking cases, communicated with a large multidisciplinary team, and educated hundreds of staff members on relevant topics regarding sexual violence. Heidi also serves as an expert witness in civil and criminal trials related to sexual assault.

In 2019, Heidi implemented an evidence-based screening process in an Emergency Department, which has resulted in hundreds of vulnerable children being identified as victims of exploitation. 

Heidi has testified in favor of bills that have been passed into law and most recently, Heidi testified at a briefing in Washington D.C. about protecting children online. Over the last few years, Heidi has presented over 200 times internationally about recognizing human trafficking, child-on-child sexual assault, pornography, and exploitation. Heidi has also been featured in several documentaries, including Vulnerable Innocence, which has won 24 awards.

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About Our Host Nusrat Khan

Beyond Borders has been conceived and executed by the of NGO CACTUS FOUNDATION who is a trendsetter and trailblazer with aim of creating safe childhoods.

Meet Nusrat Khan Pahade, a practicing & Licensed psychologist with over 20 years of experience, a CSA survivor ,and a social engineer who keeps finding innovative ways to get this topic of CSA on the forefront through some incredible initiatives at national and international level. Featured as one of 6 trailblazing women [2018] in Asia by Our Better World, Singapore and with several national and international awards and honors to her credit for her contribution to create an emotionally healthy society.

She has successfully conceived & led world's biggest walkathon "Solapur Chuppi Todo " against child sexual abuse with more than 25k individuals participating every year since last 4 years. Her optimism, perseverance and courage about safe childhoods has been honored in form of a video documentary about her commendable fight against child sexual abuse. She has a rich experience in her Clinical Practice and runs free therapy and support groups through Cactus Foundation. A good orator, writer and a thinker, she is invited as a speaker at various national and international forums.