About Nusrat Khan

Founder Director (CACTUS FOUNDATION)

Her Journey

The Journey of 1000 miles, of sheer grit and determination to create a safe childhood is beautifully captured in this story by Our Better World, A Singapore based organization. This is Nusrat Khan’s journey of self-realization, of being a survivor to now being an advocate to STOP CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE. More than 1.7 million individuals have viewed this story and have taken back the inspiration to bring about a positive change in society. More than 2,00,000 Individuals have been sensitized through CACTUS FOUNDATION Programs and initiatives

Nusrat Khan’s web series on POCSO Act, 2012- Know the Law

The primary reason people do not report the cases of Child Sexual Abuse is that they are afraid of the Law. The victims and their family are afraid of getting caught in the routine of a police case and also the shame that it would bring to their family. Also, not all Police Officials, Schools, Parents are aware of their responsibility when such incidences occur in society. The series of video will help people understand POCSO Act, 2012 and the provisions laid by the act.

Awards & Recognition

Nusrat Khan’s work has been appreciated by various National & International Organizations who truly believe in CACTUS Foundation’s philosophy to

“create emotionally healthy society”

Lokmat Sakhi Sanman Award, 2017

One of 6 Trailblazing Women in Asia

Shorty Award for best in Youth & Family

Social Media Coverage

Nusrat Khan’s Story has been covered by many of the Social Media Giants, some of them mentioned below. This has helped to further the cause of “Breaking the Silence on Child Sexual Abuse”

Print Media Coverage

Her Articles, bytes, the work of CACTUS FOUNDATION in Print Media

Nusrat Khan in Action

From cities to villages, from Convent Schools to rural regional schools to differently abled schooles, Nusrat Khan believes in sensitizing people from all walks of life. Sexual Abuse is not limited to children of a particular segment. It is an issue widely infecting all strata of society. She believes in providing age-appropriate training to bring about a positive change in the mindset of the people