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Nothing can totally prevent it, the only thing that can possibly help is talking about CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE. At Cactus foundation, through our causes, we strive to make that talk happen, by us, by you, by the stakeholders in the lives of the children and the world. 

Around 53% of Indian children reported experiencing different kinds of abuse

Time to STOP – Child Sexual Abuse

●     In our society, survivors of CSA are usually deprived of space and resources to process the trauma.

●     Due to the taboo associated with CSA, we lack authentic statistics keeping us in the dark about the depth of the problem.

●     As a society, we pay a huge cost when CSA happens. It costs lives.

●     Just like the polio immunization campaign, our society needs an immunization system for CSA.

●     Most importantly, feeling safe is the birthright of every individual 


Responsible Parenting for Responsible Adults and text

●     Responsibilities of parents are over and above providing the bare minimum to their children.

●     Parents need to be mindful and be considerate towards children and their voices.

●     Parents have to be open to having uncomfortable conversations with their children or else children find inappropriate sources to get their questions answered.

●     It is crucial to build the morale of the parents and make them feel confident to report an incident of CSA 

Survivors of CSA are at greater risk of developing psychiatric disorders

Time to Talk – Mental health Awareness

●     Survivors of CSA live with suppressed trauma drastically affecting their mental health, hence affecting their entire life.

●     It is crucial for them to receive rehabilitative, counseling and other mental health services to lead a normal life.

●     Due to taboo associated with CSA, many survivors try to resort to suicide in an attempt to get away with all the unbearable psychological pain.

Key to Change

Raise Responsible Boys!

●     Implements the 12 Actions Points of Key to Change Formulated by Cactus Foundation

●     Breaks the Manbox

●     Opening up the conversation about menstruation, consent, gender equality, etc to make bring out their empathetic side

●     Help them develop a thick skin when bullied for helping in household chores

●     Attempts to break their understanding of answering violence with violence

●     This cause works with male children but has a positive impact on children of other genders as well. 

India reported over 24 Lakh online child abuse cases between 2017-2020

Cyber Samvad - Cyber Conversations

Online & Offline Safety

To keep up with the world today, one cannot entirely avoid gadgets and the internet despite the dark side of it. One cannot entirely be untouched by the online world. In such a scenario, promoting responsible use of these facilities is the only option and this is what Cyber Samvaad works towards.

Why is this cause Important?

●     Giving gadgets to children is inevitable, so are the downsides of it. Creating awareness and education can make responsible usage possible.

●     Gadget addiction is a mental health concern which is often under looked. It is crucial to address the same, how it can be prevented and treated.

●     The cause helps adults embrace the presence and use of technology along with guiding them on how to monitor the usage of gadgets by their children

●     Cyber safety goes beyond the basic technical security measures, teaching teenagers and adolescents online etiquette and how to keep themselves safe in the online world is indispensable.