Awareness Campaign

Listen to My Eyes

Deaf children are twice as likely as hearing kids to experience Sexual Abuse. A disability, such as deafness, makes victims more vulnerable to abuse, and the same disability leaves them more vulnerable to not ever being able to escape it.

I tried to shout the hundredth time
For his every touch, his every crime
You knew I was deaf and I couldn’t speak
Was it that difficult to listen to my mime?

The Problem

It is difficult for them to express what is going on when they are abused. People who take care of hearing and speech impaired people keep changing with time. This increases their vulnerabilities of being an easy pray at the hands of abuser. The fear of not being able to express results into silent suffering at the hands of the abuser.

To catch up to the fast-moving world, we seldom give importance to the fact that these children are more prone to abuse. As care takers or parents, we are more concerned with providing basic necessity like food and education. But we seldom have the time or the knowledge to understand the psychological barriers that they try to break every day, every single moment. We understand their actions, but we do not educate them enough to understand what is sexual abuse – an abuse not necessarily leading to rape. How do they express a touch that makes them uncomfortable, the closeness of a person they don’t like or an act of a person they do not find it acceptable?

What we Do?

We at CACTUS FOUNDATION is precisely trying to break that barrier. As part of our project “Listen to my Eyes” we want to create awareness regarding child sexual abuse among hearing and speech impaired people.


 We try to sensitize children, staff and parents on the evils of Sexual Abuse, the reasons why these kids are so prone to it and the consequence it might have if not addressed at the right time and at the right age. In our campaign, we try to use visual aids to explain them what is abuse and how should one protect themselves from it.

Our one such initiative at “Radha Kisan Thombra School for Hearing and Speech Impaired”