Different Projects, Different Audience, Different Method, Different Trainers.

But One Goal – “Safe Childhoods” 

1001 Schools

In first phase of the project we intend to sensitize 1001 schools. The sensitization includes creating awareness among Kids, teaching & non-teaching staff as well as School Authorities by providing information about what is abuse

Listen to My Eyes

Deaf children are twice as likely as hearing kids to experience Sexual Abuse. A disability, such as deafness, makes victims more vulnerable to abuse, and the same disability leaves them more vulnerable to not ever being able to escape it.

Save the Children

CACTUS Foundation is organizing STOP CHILD SEXUAL AWARENESS Campaigns in NCLP Solapur. NCLP provides Educational rehabilitation of child labours working in various hazardous and non-hazardous occupations. 

Protect the Unprotected

It is estimated that 140 million children worldwide are orphans. (UNICEF). Millions of vulnerable children do not get foster parents or are not adopted and are growing up in orphanages, without the love and care of a family.