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Interview with Feather Berkower

Topic: On field Parenting Dynamics for Online Safety!

Key Takeaways from the Interview

Tech control is not the ultimate safety measure. Connection between parents and children is fundamental for the safety of children in cyberspace.

● Always listen to your children. Listening to whatever they say makes them less vulnerable from being attacked by the perpetrators.

● Conversation about being safe online begins with talking about safety and body education in the offline world.

● It is not the child's responsibility to keep themselves safe. Adults need to minimize risk in their child's environment.

About Our Guest - Feather Berkower

Feather Berkower is a licensed clinical social worker and holds a Master’s of Social Welfare from the University of California, Berkeley. She has been a leader in child sexual abuse prevention since 1985 and has educated nearly one-hundred fifty thousand schoolchildren, parents and youth professionals. Her well-regarded workshop, Parenting Safe Children, empowers adults to keep children safe from sexual assault.

Before founding Parenting Safe Children, Feather managed a regional chapter of the Child Assault Prevention Program in Colorado, which delivers school-based curricula to protect children and teens from bullying and sexual assault.

She presents Parenting Safe Children Workshops in schools, youth organizations, parenting groups, and businesses in the United States. Feather is also available for private consultation. Feather makes difficult topic less scary, and consistently impresses audiences with her knowledge, commitment, and warmth.

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