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Awareness campaigns and Our Approach

Our Campaigns

●     Create awareness about CSA various stakeholders in schools and communities

●     Sensitize these stakeholders about gender issues, mental health and responsible parenting

●     Organization of mass events in such a way as to encourage all the stakeholders and build their morale to come out in the open and bring light to the issue of CSA, acknowledge it, report it and take responsibility to prevent it. Survivors of CSA who come forward silently and participate get a space and a platform to heal and get empowered.

Our Approach

●     Goal of Cactus Foundation’s approach is creating mass awareness

●     Essence of our approach is collaboration with the different community stakeholders (Marginalized communities like LGBTQAI+, sex workers and Police and other government departments) of the society to employ and deploy different projects which leads to building of strength for this movement.

●     Projects of awareness and sensitization through collaborative partners in their community, sends across the message stronger, makes the community acknowledge the problem and helps us scale and reach out to the corners of the population.

●     Helping masses understand the POCSO law so that the people are well equipped to tackle an incident of CSA in their close proximity.

●     Creating memories for participants of mass events as people remember the things they learn when they remember the memories.

●     Customization of programs to cater to the needs of a particular community that resonates with their cultures, traditions, notions and struggles. 

Clinically Designed Programs & Campaigns

Focused on raising awareness using scientific and factual information.

Through preparation done about details of marginalized communities before entering them to introduce the cause so as to be mindful of sensitive areas. 

Structural, doable, organized and replicable solutions, tips and techniques suggested to stakeholders of taking measures towards prevention and reporting CSA and responsible parenting.

Inclusive language and approach put to use to include all the possible stakeholders. Intentions of being, empathetic, non-judgmental, unbiased, non-discrimination are held to the core by the team. 

Assurity maintained that appropriate job roles are being imparted to appropriately qualified volunteers. 

Customized and multifaceted programs for all communities and stakeholder curated mindfully taking into account of their cultural, traditional and socio-political background and mindset

Gradual introduction of topic of and related to CSA to the communities in a way that is adaptive and easy to absorb by them.

Therapy Support Group

●     Started during the pandemic when the number of distress calls increased.

●     Therapy group for 25 survivors scheduled once a month that is self help in nature.

●     Moderated by a Clinical Psychologist and 2 assistant psychologists

●     One on one therapy initiated if need for the same arises during group therapy.

●     Intake to this therapy group initiates with interested survivors filling a form with sharing details and owning their story. A follow up call is made to understand their story, their family background, physiological & psychological impacts and current situation in detail. Post this a slot is available on bases of immediacy. 

Psychological Mentoring for Rehabilitation

●     A self enhancement and self awareness program for survivors to see hope in life.

●     Confidence building, motivation, time management, perseverance and similar topics introduced to them so that their overall growth does not take a back seat.

●      An attempt is made to help survivors maintain and work on their ambitions and dreams.

●     Priority given to survivors who lack family support post abuse to heal and move ahead in their life.

●     Survivors are introduced to people who are experts in their field of interest; this leads to them finding mentors and building connections.

●     Need for this project is the most for the child survivors in their growing years when they are sexually maturing. 

Child Warriors

●     Child Warriors bring to light and voice the issues they and their peers face which are often unspoken and unheard.

●     The need and significance of peer to peer advocacy was realized by Cactus Foundation through its work over the years.

●     Child Warriors fall into the age group of 10 to 18 years of age

●     Our current Child Warriors have equipped themselves with the understanding of the concepts of child rights, background of CSA prevention and intervention, and what role they play in the advocacy.

●     Peer to peer understanding and transferring of knowledge is observed to be grasped better by the children.

●     Child Warriors initiative also advocates for the indispensable role of adult intervention in prevention of CSA.

●     This project is also dedicated to raising the next generation of responsible adults by training the child warriors who will grow up to become the future of the society.