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Our Better World Story and Timelines



Cactus Foundation was noticed by Anshul Tiwari from the Singapore Non Profit Organization Our Better World. Cactus became one from hundreds of applicants organizations whose story was selected to be told by the organization to the world. 

2017 Jan & Feb

Team Our Better World visited the Cactus office in Solapur and observed our work for verification. The feedback received was a boat of confidence and assurance that Cactus was on the right track with their work. The feedback mentioned that the team from Our Better world had never seen an organization so professional and were impressed by the Quality of modules that Cactus facilitated in the Schools. 

2017 August

The Our Better Work shoot began to make a short film on Cactus Foundation. The film crew followed team Cactus on their field work in schools and slums and a grand Chao Time was also organized. The film crew got a chance to Capture Cactus’s work across all demographics. 

2018 January

The film and the article was released globally bringing a lot of attention to Cactus Foundation. We received over 3000 volunteer registrations within a week and a meetup in Mumbai was organized